Reminder: Don’t Crowd The Plow

Author: Jennifer Williams |

The Kenai Peninsula Borough took to social media on Monday to remind drivers not to “crowd the plow.” The post stated: “The borough maintains 645 miles of road and plowing begins when snow depth reaches 6 inches. Plowing times will vary due to snow weight, drifting or other changes to weather conditions.”


The Department of Transportation issued a similar advisory, “our snowplow operators work hard to make the roads you travel on as safe as possible. The equipment we use to maintain roads in the winter is very large, and we remind drivers to give our operators room to maneuver; always keep a safe distance when nearing a snowplow. Staying back allows them to do their job.”


“Our mission is to get you to and from your destinations safely, so please be aware of your surroundings and “don’t crowd the plow.”


Here is a reminder of things you shouldn’t do around a snow plow: 

  • Assume the snowplow operator can see you, especially if you’re driving too close and visibility is poor. Your best defense is to keep your distance.
  • Pass a snowplow. It’s not safe. Snowplows must travel slower than regular traffic when pushing snow and spreading salt and winter abrasives.
  • When drivers attempt to pass a plow truck, they put themselves, their passengers, the snowplow operator and other motorists at risk.
  • The plow could be equipped with a wing blade on its left or right side, which can be obstructed by the snow it’s throwing. The plow also may be the first of a series of two to four more plows, staggered diagonally across the road to clear all lanes simultaneously. This would require the unwise driver to make multiple unsafe passes.

Author: Jennifer Williams

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