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KSRM Radio Group Marketing Staff

For General marketing questions email: [email protected]


Matt Wilson
General Manager / Marketing Director
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(907) 283-8700


Mark Gage
Marketing Consultant
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(907) 398-2635


Nathan Johnson
Marketing Consultant
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Britney Baier
Marketing Consultant
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Marketing and Advertising info 

If you are looking for an effective way to market your business or event. Contact the marketing team at KSRM Radio Group.

KSRM Radio Group is located on the Kenai Peninsula 140 miles south of Anchorage. There are two cities that make up the majority of the listening market on the Peninsula. Those cities are Kenai and Soldotna Alaska located 9 miles apart. The radio stations studio sets in between these two cities. The listening market in this area is approximately 50,000 persons. There are two other major cities on the peninsula, one 90 miles east of here over the mountains that has a listening market of approximately 4,000 persons Seward, Alaska and the other city is 75 miles south of here called Homer, Alaska with a listening market of approximately 6,000. We are heard out about 45 miles east of here and about 70 miles south. Our 6 stations also stream online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

By using the power of 6 radio stations or our highly visited web site, you can effectively spread your message.



Download the Kenai Peninsula Market Profile



The advantages of using radio advertising

The major advantage of radio is it’s everywhere. Our cars, gyms, bedrooms, kitchens and the workplace. Try to find anyone who’s working out without a radio and a headset. No other medium reaches so many people in so many different places.

Here are some advantages radio offers:

  • It’s efficient: You can monitor the efficiency of your ad dollars and see the results of your efforts.
  • It’s flexible: You can change your message and time schedules for ads with relative ease.


Interesting radio facts:
541,000,000+ radios in use.

5.6 radios per household.

Every car comes with a radio as standard equipment.

169,000,000+ radios in vehicles.

Have you ever thought about how an automobile is a radio on wheels?

Americans spend more time listening to radio than any other medium 6a – 6p.

Radio gives you the opportunity to effectively target your message to a specific consumer.

Radio is a sound solution as media continues to fragment with increasing cost.



Radio Advertising Services

soundboardRadio Spot Production – KSRM Radio Group offers radio creative and production services for individual businesses, media companies and ad agencies. Our services include effective radio copywriting, voice over’s, and radio commercial production. We offer high quality radio creativity while striving to maintain competitive prices for our clients and various marketing firms.


Radio Media Airtime – KSRM Radio Group has a unique ability to cross promote between several different radio shows. This offers any business the rare opportunity to acquire time and space on radio to advertise a business, promote a campaign, or “get the word out” on non-profit activities or events.


Show Sponsorship – With variety of shows within the KSRM Radio Group portfolio, there’s bound to be a show suitable for your business to sponsor. There is an eclectic opportunity to sponsor any of the shows within KSRM Radio Group and we are always willing to consider customizing an individual show to capture an exact audience and/or demographics.


Website Sponsorship – Web presence is another great way to spotlight your business and link to your site. Sponsorship on our website gets your message out to the 40,000 plus visitors we receive each month.


Professional Voice Talent – KSRM Radio Group is your resource for finding professional voice talent. We make it possible to produce and deliver voice overs all in one place and with a current campaign there is no additional charge.


Show Host Endorsement – The most effective way to bolster your business is to have a show host endorse your business. Commercial spots are focused and effective tools for promoting your company or product. However, the most salient way to set your company’s image or product apart is to have a radio show host personally endorse you.

An “in show” mention or endorsement is the way to bring validity to your products or services; For example – “We use XYZ Company here on the xxx show. We use it, we think it is a great product, and we encourage you to try it”.