Groomed Snow Brings Winter Rules & Schedule Updates To Tsalteshi Trails

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The Tsalteshi Trails are being groomed for the winter season with trails designated for classic, skate, snowshoe, even dedicated trails for fat tire bikes, walking and pets.

With over a foot of fresh snow over the past 48 hours, groomers are preparing the trails and asking for assistance for users. Winter rules are now in effect on the Tsalteshi Trails.


12/2 grooming report from tsalteshi facebook: “We got the Wolf, Moose, Squirrel, Weasel, Beaver and Lynx loops rolled out with a couple passes last night, plus a single roller pass on other trails. We haven’t been down the ridge to the Wolverine side of the trails or over to Slikok yet. We’ll work on those today.
There are places with standing water beneath the snow and the grooming and skiing is very slow. Once the weather cools, the snow will bond to the ice and the skiing should be great”.


Tsalteshi Trails Winter Rules

Winter rules are now in effect on the Tsalteshi Trails.

No walking, biking or dogs on the main trails from now (until no longer have groom-able snow)
All activities and canine friends are welcome on the Slikok Trails.

Trail Guidelines–Please stay in appropriate area of groomed trails 

…Classic Skiers: use classic tracks or side of skate lane.  Avoid classic trails immediately after grooming (allow set-up).  Move out of classic lanes when herringbone skiing uphill or snowplowing downhill.

…Skate Skiers:  stay in middle of the trails.  Do not skate over classic tracks.

…Snowshoe: stay on far edge of skating lane.  Snowshoes are allowed on Wolverine Trail only.

Trail Winter Etiquette for all users-General

…Politely communicate trail rules to all users.

…Ski in posted trail direction.

…Fill in sitzmarks (falls)

…Think of slower users: reduce speed to pass; announce your presence with “trail”, “hello” or “on your right/left”.

…Move to side to allow for grooming equipment.

…Avoid skiing right after grooming.


Freezer Food Series – Race 5 (Fat Bike)  rescheduled to December 8th

The first race in the Fat Tire Bike series of the Freezer Food Series is scheduled for Sunday, December 8th.

Registration is at 1:30 p.m., with the race starting at 2:00 p.m.  Meet at the K-Beach trailhead just past the gate for sign-up and race start.

Note from event:  “With Christmas around the corner, food donations oriented around holiday meals would be appreciated for our ongoing food drive (which everyone has been awesome at contributing towards this year!)”.

Author: Coach Dan Gensel

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