Business Owner Assessing Damage Done To Stolen Vehicle

Author: Jennifer Williams |

This is getting to be an all-too-familiar story. Another member of the community got an unwelcome surprise, their vehicle had been stolen.


James Decker, owner of Peninsula Asphalt and Paving, in Nikiski: “They don’t just steal your vehicle. they rip it apart and trash it.”


Decker received a call on December 1, while he was on vacation, from one of his employees that a truck at his shop had been stolen.


Unlike most Decker was able to recover the stolen vehicle: “It will cost more to fix it back up than what I paid for it. I paid $8,000 for it two years ago. The fuel tank was stolen, the fuel pump, hoses, filters, and all ripped apart on the inside.. it’s a mess.” 


It’s not just the financial aspect of car theft that impacts the victims. The true cost of car theft runs far deeper. Decker: “I’m ready to sell out. I’m ready to quit. I’m sick of it. I lose sleep over all of this. There is nothing I can do about it, unless I want to end up in prison.”


Decker has been the victim of a number of recent break-ins that have resulted in loss, damaged, and stolen property. He recently installed security cameras at his business and has been able to obtain footage of the break-ins, which has all been submitted to the Troopers.


He has received the name of the individual(s) who allegedly stole the vehicle and the others that have stolen from his property, but at this time no one has been charged.

Author: Jennifer Williams

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