Avoid A Christmas Tree Fire This Holiday Season

Author: Jennifer Williams |

For many families, it’s time to set up their Christmas tree. But sometimes that holiday tradition can bring danger into your home.


Kenai Fire Chief Jeff Tucker listed some of the of holiday decor items that could be dangerous:  “It’s really important for people to realize the safety hazards that come with that, the use of extension cords, too many things plugged into extension cords, extension cords used in daisy trains where you plug more than one extension cord together is not good, they’re not made to have that load.”


“It’s important that if you have a live tree you keep it watered keep it moist, trees dry out and are an extreme fire hazard. As soon as you’re done with a tree it’s important to take it down and dispose of it properly. Make sure trees aren’t up next to your space heater and that they’re away from other heating source, candles or such, trees dry out very easily.”


If you buy a real Christmas tree make sure to water it daily, and avoid placing near any heat sources.
Fire officials suggest not overdoing it when it comes to decorative lights.


A dry tree can burn faster than newspaper, according to the National Fire Protection Association.


The fire department also stressed the importance of having working smoke detectors in your home, as well as working carbon monoxide detectors as least on the floor where you sleep.

Author: Jennifer Williams

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