A Look Back On The November 30 Earthquake

Author: Jennifer Williams |

When the November 30th magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit South Central in 2018 we were all sent into chaos. Dan Nelson, the Director of the Borough Office of Emergency Management (KPB OEM): “November 30, 2018 started off a chain of events with the big quake. Luckily, not too much effect down here, there was some, but it sure woke everybody up.”

Click to listen to the KSRM morning show broadcast with Matt Wilson & Coach Dan Gensel live during the earthquake

Over 80 aftershocks of various magnitudes were recorded throughout the day, with at least three having magnitudes greater than 5.0. By December 3, 170 aftershocks with a magnitude over 3.0 had been noted.


Two more aftershocks hit on February 6, the first with a magnitude of 4.1, and the second coming 23 minutes later with a magnitude of 3.7. Aftershocks continued for around 300 days after the mainshock.

Bud Sexton community planner with the KPB OEM: “We know that emergencies happen on the Peninsula pretty frequently. This year we’ve had quite a few. Depending on the emergency, it can impact the community in very different ways. The impact to the community will determine the needs of the residents. As a community we are looking how to build a framework so we can respond quicker to the emergency and get people what they need that much faster.” 


While the Peninsula sustained minor damage compared to Anchorage and the Mat-Su Borough, Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce did issue a local emergency declaration.


The borough is still working with the State of Alaska and federal government to request reimbursement for this disaster, according to Nelson.


Nelson:“The borough has received some funding so far that we have seen some reimbursement so far.” 

Author: Jennifer Williams

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